Welcome, grab your coffee. Let’s chat for a few minutes.

I’m Liz—earlier this year, I launched the HR Content Academy as a community for the folks writing about and for the HR marketplace.

Why create this and why now? I attribute this desire to create a community to two things:

Thing 1: Covid-19.

Thanks to the pandemic, I found myself craving an online community of people who are writing about the same topics as me. I am part of several other great writing communities, but with everything hitting HR as a result of Covid-19, I felt like there was an opportunity to go deep with HR pros and my HR writing peers. I love creating connections and building a sense of community.

Thing 2: Sharing what I’ve learned.

Since 2012, I’ve been studying what makes not only good—but great—content marketing. And I’ve been working with clients around the globe to create content that connects and engages their readers. I built the HR Content Academy because I wish it had been around when I launched my copywriting career in 2012.

My goal for the HR Content Academy: a supportive, encouraging, and inspiring community by and for the people who write about HR.

Again, I’m glad you’re here!

My coffee cup is still half full—tell me what brings you here in the comments below.

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