Freelance writing can be a lonely business, but luckily there are online communities just for writers full of professionals with every level of experience who want to help. Online writing communities are places where you can find support to build your business, hone your craft, and help others grow. Online groups are easy to find and are full of like-minded writers who want to meet other writers with whom they can collaborate.

Here are six of the many reasons why I find online writer communities valuable:

Stay Connected

Writers who work alone want to be part of a community and make connections with others in the same business. Online communities are perfect for this. You can build your network from wherever you are with other writers around the world.

Being active in an online community opens the door to almost unlimited connections. These groups will help you grow your professional network and you’ll probably even make some good friends along the way. 

Fight Burnout

Writers have to stay busy to make money, but sometimes too much work can lead to overwhelm and burnout. What can you do when you don’t want to turn down that new project, but you have too much on your plate already? One option is to work with other writers.

Being a member of an online writers community gives you access to talent that you can turn to when you’re feeling overwhelmed. There may be someone that can ghostwrite for you, or someone you want to refer an extra project to. Start building these connections, and they’ll work the other way for you too-you’ll be asked to take on projects when other writers are too busy.

Share a Brainstorm

Do a Google search for brainstorming and you’ll find “produce an idea or way of solving a problem by holding a spontaneous group discussion.” So, by definition, brainstorming is not something you can do alone.

But, when you’re a member of an online community, you have a number of professionals who you can brainstorm ideas with. Working with others can help you get “unstuck” when writing, develop new topics to write about, and create content that flows.

Get Feedback

Some say it’s impossible to objectively review your own work. While you can pay for proofreaders and editors, sometimes you may want feedback on content, structure, or word choice. Who better to provide this type of feedback than other writers?

Another benefit of online writing communities is having peers who are willing to review and help you improve your content. And, you’ll be exposed to new styles and ideas as you review other writers’ work.

Find a Mentor or Mentee

Would you like a little help in your business from someone who’s been there? Or, do you have some tips and wisdom you can share to help others on their journey? Being a mentor to a fellow writer can be very rewarding for you and priceless for them. On the flip side, no matter how successful you are, there are times when you need advice or a fresh perspective.

Online communities are great places to find mentor and mentee opportunities. Your group may have a structured process to apply or the connections may be casual, but you’re sure to find someone who “clicks.”

Land New Clients

We touched on sharing referrals due to overwhelm earlier, but there are other ways to find new work in online groups. Many groups will have a referral service where potential leads are collected and shared in the group. 

Members will probably be encouraged to share opportunities they come across as well. How many times have you seen a potential job, but it wasn’t quite a good fit or the topic was outside of your wheelhouse? Sharing these types of opportunities with your online network is a great way to stay top of mind when they have something similar to share.

Check out the comments in one of my recent LinkedIn posts, where there was a great discussion about the value of online writing communities! And, please share below about how you’ve found benefits in a writing community.