Many thanks to Amanda Cross for inviting me to join her on her Ambitious Freelancer podcast. During our conversation, Human Resources Writing & Turning A Career Into A Freelance Niche, we covered a lot of great topics.

In addition to being a blogger/podcaster, Amanda is a freelance HR technology content marketing writer. So we had a lot to talk about! I always enjoy “geeking out” about HR writing with a fellow writer colleague!

We chatted about Human Resources writing and turning your career into a freelance niche.

Some areas we covered:

  • Speaking to an audience with a varied skill set
  • Attending virtual and in-person HR conferences, as well as how to support clients during a conference
  • Ways you can break into the HR writing niche
  • Building a freelance career based on your work experiences and finding related writing opportunities
  • How finding your niche will help you focus

Listen to the full episode here:

Amanda also has a website and Facebook group supporting freelancers and their growth. As she says, “The Ambitious Freelancer is about making more room at the table because we all deserve success.” I couldn’t agree more.

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