A style guide creates and defines the standards for your company’s internal and external written communications. From emails, newsletters, blog posts and social media content to formal corporate documents, a style guide helps ensure your brand communication is consistent and correct.

A style guide serves as a centralized resource and training tool for everyone on your team and provides many important benefits:

You’ll send a consistent message.

A style guide promotes consistency among all written communications by providing the same roadmap for everyone to work from. It’s an essential part of your marketing strategy.

You’ll save time.

A single resource that provides all the pertinent information, you can streamline your content development process and significantly reduce the time required to create new content.

You’ll save money.

When you save time, you also save money. A style guide helps both internal and external writers spend fewer hours writing, reviewing, and correcting their work.

Back to saving time. If you don’t have the time to create a style guide—let my team and I help you! We offer several options:

Style Guide in a box:

We’ve created a style guide with only the fundamentals, based on current AP Style. Download it in MS Word and update based on your needs. Purchase this guide now.

Branded Style Guide

We conduct an intake discussion with you to gather the all the information we need to give the “in a box” version a boost. Purchase the guide and schedule your session.

Complete Style Guide:

We conduct a kickoff creation session that allows members of your team to provide input and make important decisions about your brand’s style. We then take the information we gathered and put that into a complete style guide. As part of this package, we also provide a kickoff session to train members of your organization how to apply the guide to their writing. Let’s get started.