Photo by Josh Rocklage on Unsplash

Voice is such an important part of writing. It’s what connects us to our readers – whether that’s in fiction, non-fiction, marketing…even academic and journalistic writing.

Many of us writers know we have a voice, but can we describe it?

I recently set out on a journey to describe my voice. This article from the Content Marketing Intstitute has excellent exercises that I used to help me describe my voice. The steps are also helping me understand and educate myself about the unique voices I need to adopt and use when writing for clients.

Here’s a quick summary of the steps they recommend, though I suggest reading the whole article:

  • Gather and review a sample of your content.
  • Describe your voice in three words.
  • Create a brand voice chart.
  • Ensure you understand how to put your voice into action
  • Revisit and revise – our voice changes over time

I’m curious — what three words would you use to describe your voice?

Let us know in the comments!