A style guide creates and defines the standards for an organization’s internal and external written communications. From emails, newsletters, blog posts and social media content to formal corporate documents, a style guide helps ensure your brand communication is consistent and correct.

A style guide also serves as a centralized resource and training tool for everyone who is writing content for the brand. From executives to internal content teams to external freelance writers, a style guide is essential for content success.

How can a style guide help writers support their clients?

Creates A Consistent Message

A style guide promotes consistency among all written communications by providing the same roadmap for everyone to work from. It’s an essential part of a marketing strategy.

Saves Time and Money 

A single resource that provides all the pertinent information, organizations can streamline their content development process and significantly reduce the time required to create new content. A style guide helps both internal and external writers spend fewer hours writing, reviewing, and correcting their work.

What Should a Style Guide Include?

A style guide can take many forms. It can be as simple as a one-page reference sheet, a full-fledged comprehensive reference manual, or somewhere in between. Following are some of the key topics that all good style guides include:

  1. Brand voice
  2. Style preferences (AP or CMOS), punctuation and formatting
  3. Industry terminology
  4. SEO terms
  5. Reading level and linguistic preferences

A style guide that covers at least some of this information is especially helpful for us as freelance HR writers. We write for different clients — all who have their own approach. 

With a style guide, you have a jump start on delivering expert content that represents the tone, industry, and your client.

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