Every writer and brand will eventually face the inevitable question: What should I/we write about?

Answer your readers’ questions

The best topics for your HR blog topics are those that answer your readers’ pressing questions.

If you’re not sure what their pressing questions are, I recommend heading over to Answer the Public — a tool that helps you discover what people are asking about.

Here’s how they describe what they provide:

Discover an untapped goldmine of content ideas. AnswerThePublic listens into autocomplete data from search engines like Google then quickly cranks out every useful phrase and question people are asking around your keyword.

It’s a goldmine of consumer insight you can use to create fresh, ultra-useful content, products and services. The kind your customers really want.

In short, Answer the Public can help you dig deep to uncover the best topics for your HR content.

Discover what people are asking about

For example, I searched for the term “HR” and Answer the Public provided these suggested questions in response to my search.

results from Answer the Public search

Holy cannoli, those are a lot of potential topics. Here are a few that caught my eye, some of which I’ve written about:

  • Which HR certification is best?
  • When HR is the problem
  • How HR has evolved
  • How HR contributes to business ethics

The list goes on.

A word of caution: the AI isn’t perfect. There will be some outliers, so you have to use your human capacities, too. In this case, HR Block also comes up in the results, as well as references to heart rate.

If you’re perplexed or flummoxed or bewildered by blog topics, I guarantee this tool will help your HR marketing content break through the noise!