What’s your first and last name?

Adejoke Oguntade-Adeboyejo

What’s your professional/educational background?

Master’s degree, Industrial and Labour Relations, B.Sc. Degree in Wildlife Management

How many years have you been writing?

Ten years

When did you start writing about HR?

Eight years ago

Why are you focusing on HR as a niche?

I have worked in HR since my career started in 2005. I worked in outsourcing, recruitment, training and HR Consulting.

What is your favorite HR topic?

Strategic HR, AI in HR and Employee Engagement and Experience.

What type of HR writing do you most enjoy and why?

Articles and blog posts are my favorite types of content to write because I get to ask questions and conduct research while writing. I always learn new things with this process.

What one thing would you like to share that we haven’t asked?

My second niche in freelance writing is renewables and environment, because I have a related degree in that area as well. I’m still looking for a common ground between the two!

Please share a link to content you’ve written.

7 Leadership Skills You Need in the Future of Work 

Employee Experience for Small Businesses

Adejoke Oguntade-Adeboyejo on Medium.com

How can people get in touch with you?

email: adejoke@theresourcewriter.com

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