What documents do you create repeatedly in your business?

Do you have business templates for them? If the answer is “no,” you’re wasting time and losing money in addition to possibly looking unprofessional.

Using templates for writers can save you hours of time, keep your documents consistent, and help build your brand.

Maximize automation

Automation is simply a way to handle repetitive tasks like adding headers, formatting styles, and adding your logo and business information to documents you produce. 

Every time you send a proposal, SOW, start a new piece, or invoice a client, you should start with a template. Instead of recreating documents from scratch, you’ll save time by simply opening a document and filling it in.

Keep it consistent 

When you use business templates and document templates, you create a professional, uniform look across all of your work. Clients will notice when multiple documents they receive from you follow your branding, showing that you’re organized and take your business seriously.

Improve efficiency

Do you feel like you could use more time in your workday? Be more efficient with templates. Almost any document you need to use in your business can be built from a template. Once you have your library set up with the files you need to copy and fill in, you’ll be amazed at the time you save.

Ensure accuracy 

In addition to saving time, templates help reduce errors in your documents. When you have pre-existing fields and sections to fill out, you’re less likely to forget important information.

When you build out your content and document templates, you’ll keep your formatting and styles correct as well. No more trying to remember what font and size you’re supposed to use for headers, they’ll be there for you.

Exude professionalism

How do templates make you look more professional? All of the above! Automating your processes to create consistent, error free documents that reflect your branding shows you’re organized and committed to producing quality work. And, being more efficient gives you more time to complete assignments on time, every time.